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Spring Is here, and so is shooting season.

Hey Everybody,

We are still here and operating. It is now March, and hopefully, by the time you are reading this it is finally Spring, and we can start to get back outside to those ranges.   There are a few things that I would like to touch base on regarding going to the ranges.  Please be sure to clean up after yourself, meaning cleaning up spent brass, and used targets, and any other garbage you may have left when you are done.  Also, follow all safety rules when it comes to being on the range, ranging from ensuring you have hearing and eye protection, to ensuring your firearms are always pointed in a safe direction, and finally the rules the Range Master may set in place for that range specifically. 

Our other train of thought is regarding the new background check system.  As of September 13th, 2023, background checks are now required on all ammunition sales.  Each background is the same but how long it takes, and the results are not predictable.  We do not know how long it takes to get an answer from the state, sometimes it is within minutes, sometimes it is days.  Please, if you come in to get ammunition, keep in mind that we cannot charge any more than the $2.50 fee for each transaction, regardless of how long it takes.  So, to save you money, and us time, please purchase as much ammunition as can at the time in one transaction.  Also please treat our employees with courtesy and respect, when you are going through the process, it is not our fault that this is now the law.  If you want to fix it or have it changed or removed, please go out and vote.  Not voting does as much damage as voting for the wrong person.   Way too many individuals complain about the law or admit they did not know about the law,  but admit that they either voted for the wrong person or did not vote at all.

Till next time we have something on our minds to get out, go out and have fun shooting, while being safe, and vote.

Thank you for all your support!

Crissy, Tom, TJ, Larry, and Lucy.

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