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Policy and Procedures for Online Orders From Other Shops

Hey Everyone!! It is going to be a crazy week this week, before all the new laws go in to place. With that in mind, if you are going to order something online: #1 - Please call us a head of time to see if we have one or if we can get it for you. The price may seem right, but you then also have to pay for shipping then pay us a processing fee. Special orders we do have to charge shipping if we cannot combine with another order to save the shipping, but that shipping is going to be cheaper than an online order. We also there is no processing fee when you buy directly from us. #2 - The item you are getting online may not be legal. Either due to the new age restrictions or what is or is not legal anymore. If we receive something that you are not allowed to have, you are subject to additional shipping. And we will still charge you for processing. #3 - When you get that delivery confirmation, DO NOT CALL US. We will call you once the item is logged in and ready for pick up. Please call us if you have any questions. 716-240-0400

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